Young Informers

Young Informers

Little Hitler Youths on the Loose


by Ben Stein

I, your humble servant, really hate to submit this to the waiting world, but, alas, it’s true and it’s important.

Since school in person reopened in our beloved Los Angeles, I have been deluged with calls from parents of young people in elementary schools, junior high schools, and high schools. Their problem? They have been threatened by their school age kids with being “reported” for making remarks that the kids deemed to be “politically incorrect.”

Example: a mother of a ten year old noticed a gardener working on a yard near hers. She said, “Great. There’s a Mexican gardener. Let’s see if he wants to do some work for us.”

The daughter shot back, “Mom, that’s racist. I’m going to report you.”

Another parent, this time a man, was cut off at a stop light by what looked like an Asian woman driver who ran the light. “You know,” said the father, “before World War II, we thought that the Japanese couldn’t see well enough to pilot a fighter plane. In the movies, they were always wearing thick glasses and squinting.”

“Pop,” the daughter, a sixth grader, “that’s racist. I’m going to report you.”

Yet another parent, very close to our house, bawled out her daughter for playing video games instead of doing her history homework. The daughter cried and the mother said, “Do you realize you are crying over a video game while there are people dying of Covid nearby?” Read the rest at

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