Why Is Dr. Oz Running as a Republican?

Why Is Dr. Oz Running as a Republican?

Source: Photo by Evan Agostini/Invision/AP, File

by Kurt SchIichter

I understand that someone named Dr. Mehmet Oz is running for the Senate seat in Pennsylvania – though he apparently wasn’t a Pennsylvanian until five minutes ago – and this raises several questions, like “Who is this person?”, “Why should this person be a senator instead of, say, some Amish rando from Chambersburg?”, and, most importantly, “Why is this person running as a Republican?”

He is apparently a TV reality guy, and I guess he looked at Trump and thought, “Well, he was on TV and he did it, so why not?” But “Why not” is not a great reason for someone to run for a Senate seat we Republicans need. And Dr. Oz is a Republican like Brian Stelter, who is a potato, is a Chippendales dancer.

Let’s review his track record, with a special thanks to conservative muckraker Jack Posobiec, who has done great work gathering the receipts. Read the rest at townhall.com.

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  • The LAST thing we need is jerkoff former DemocRAT-Communists infiltrating the Republican Party. All they will amount to is being more worthless RINOs we’ll have to remove later. If future elections are not rigged, conservatives will be able to defeat both DemocRAT-Communists and RINOs the majority of the time.