Who’s Choking Off Your Children?

Who’s Choking Off Your Children?

A new meaning for the phrase, “Masking Tape.” This is sick: Michelle Malkin sounds alarm after teachers compel students to tape their masks to their faces.

by Michelle Malkin

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. – The latest horror story involving COVID-19 control freaks erupted right here in my backyard on Friday. It’s breathtaking. Literally. No responsible parent can in good conscience sit by silently while pandemic tyrants choke off our children’s freedom and oxygen supply.

Michelle Malkin

Stephanie M. is a work-at-home mother of three young daughters. On Friday, she received a text from her sixth grade daughter, Rylee. It was a selfie photo of the girl taken at Chinook Trail Middle School in Colorado Springs. The school is in District 20, which imposed a blanket indoor mask mandate a month ago for all preschool through 12th grade students. Rylee’s face was covered not only by a black mask but also by three thick strips of blue painter’s tape sealing the top of the mask over the bridge of her nose.

Rylee texted that “all teachers” in her learning pod had been toting around rolls of the painter’s tape and began issuing “warnings” to students whose face coverings were deemed non-compliant. The message was clear: Shape up, tape up, or face disciplinary consequences. Sensing danger to her child, Stephanie rushed to the school to demand answers from school officials. In a taped conversation, dean Jennifer Richardson told the mom and daughter that the policy “is not an endorsed thing” and that students had “a choice” on whether to wear the tape or not. Read the rest at wnd.com.

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