What Happened to Jon Gruden Is Unacceptable

What Happened to Jon Gruden Is Unacceptable

The woke mob has to be stopped before none of us have any privacy left.

Former Las Vegas Raiders coach Jon Gruden (NFL/Youtube)

by Scott McKay

I never meant to hurt anyone,” said John Gruden in a terse message signaling his resignation as the head coach of the Las Vegas Raiders.

Gruden isn’t guilty of a crime. He wasn’t resigning because his team was in a downward spiral. At 3-2 in the fourth year of a significant rebuild, Las Vegas looks like a playoff contender this year and the fans of the newly relocated team were settling into the idea a new dynasty in a new city was about to begin.

And Gruden didn’t even do anything untoward of recent vintage which would have merited a resignation.

So why is he gone?

Emails. To friends.

Between 2011 and 2018, Gruden sent a number of emails in conversations with pals talking about various subjects around the game of football and current events. None of them were intended for public consumption. They were private emails.

But when the NFL investigated the Washington Redskins — sorry, the Washington Football Team (which is such a perfect avatar for this moronic moment in America’s cultural history I can’t even stand it) — for allegations of sexual harassment, those emails turned up. Gruden was talking in several of them with Bruce Allen, who at the time was the team’s president and a personal friend of his; Gruden was then the color analyst for ESPN’s Monday Night Football broadcasts.

And he said a whole bunch of things for the truth of which outstanding arguments can be made. But truth is not a defense to being canceled in modern America; if anything, truth is an accelerator of trouble unless it is tempered with sweet lies for the benefit of the intersectional victim mob. Read the rest at spectator.org.

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