Watch – Teacher: ‘180 Days’ to Turn Students ‘Into Revolutionaries’

Watch – Teacher: ‘180 Days’ to Turn Students ‘Into Revolutionaries’

A video released Tuesday by Project Veritas (PV), led by James O’Keefe, appears to show a California public high school Advanced Placement Government teacher bragging that he is using Antifa propaganda to indoctrinate his students.

“I have 180 days to turn them into revolutionaries,” Gabriel Gipe, who teaches at Inderkum High School in Sacramento, California, is heard saying in the video, as other voices are heard speaking loudly in the background.

Asked by the PV undercover journalist how he does that, the video shows the teacher saying, “Scare the f**k out of them.”

“The Sacramento organization that is under the banner of Antifa is very loosely organized, right?” the teacher is heard explaining to the interviewer in the video. “So, like, when there’s right-wing rallies and stuff then, we like, we’ll create an opposition to that. Yeah.”

The video shows Gipe telling the PV journalist, who is posing as a left-wing sympathizer, that Sacramento “is incredibly diverse, but we’re surrounded by a bunch of right-wing rednecks.”

“The other really big organization in our area, if you’re looking to get involved, is NorCal Resist,” the teacher seems to recommend to the interviewer. “NorCal Resist does direct outreach for undocumented folks. They help them with material support as well as legal aid and support with the help of National Lawyers Guild. So, they [Antifa] work in tandem with each other.” Read the rest at

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