Unworthy Americans

Unworthy Americans

Kurt Schlichter

While I was wandering through Costco the other day as one of the 5% without some ridiculous mouth thong wrapped around my piehole, I began to re-think the French Revolution. Maybe it’s gotten a bad rap. Still, Marie Antoinette only suggested that the normal eat cake – hey, who doesn’t like cake? But she didn’t demand that the people humiliate and degrade themselves in every aspect of their lives.

But our garbage elite does to us, and so many Americans are sheep who eagerly obey. Independence Day has come and gone, this year being not just a reminder of the greatness of the American ideal but a painful reminder of how so many of our fellow Americans have fallen short. They are delighted to forgo the strenuous rigors of citizenship in favor of the flaccid idleness of serfdom.

It’s pathetic, and unworthy of a great people.

What the hell are these sheep thinking? Read the rest at townhall.com.

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  • Recently, I saw a geezer wearing a mask. He was driving a pickup truck with no other passengers. Then he got out of the truck and picked up a newspaper at a stand. Apparently, if you still read lefty newspapers, you think wearing a face diaper is A-OK. He probably watches the Communist News Network as well. Sad.