Stephen Miller Calls Out Progressives – University of Florida Students Think 9/11 Lessons Should Omit ‘Gruesome’ Details

Stephen Miller Calls Out Progressives – University of Florida Students Think 9/11 Lessons Should Omit ‘Gruesome’ Details

On Saturday, September edition of his Fox News Program, Watter’s World, Jesse interviewed former Trump senior advisor, Stephen Miller.

Jesse:  As much as things change, things stay the same. You hear the same type of ‘blame America first’ commentary today from the left. Could be even more widespread. In your opinion, Where does this come from?

Strphen Miller:  Such an important question. It comes from the idea that really started back in the in the 60s and in the 70s with the Marxist left, about the idea of America as an evil colonial imperial power, and unfortunately that idea has become mainstreamed inside of the Progressive movement. We all remember after 9/11, when there was a segment of the American left that said that we had brought it on ourselves. It was twisted, it was demented, it was insane, but they said it.

You know, I went to a very far left high school. I was a junior in high school when we were attacked by terrorists on 9/11 and I vividly remember the anti-American propaganda that swept through my school; from teachers, from people in administration and among some of the students as well. And now we’re seeing that same kind of anti-American propaganda take root through things like Critical Race Theory as an example.

And here’s, here’s why it matters so much, because if we don’t teach our young people to love our country, if we don’t teach our young people that America is a righteous nation, then we will not be able to maintain the defense of our nation. We will grow apathetic to our defense, to our security, to our sovereignty, to our borders, to all of it. And that, and that alone, will be what makes it possible for our enemies to defeat us…


But just two days before the 20th anniv of 9/11, Campus Reform, a Conservitive organization which focuses on young people, published a video filmed right here in Gainesville, on the Univrsity of Florida campus:

The Virginia Department of Education recently posted a video on their YouTube Channel telling teachers to avoid talking about American exceptionalism while teaching about September 11, 2001. Campus Reform reporter Ophelie Jacobson talked with University of Florida students about this video to see how students think 9/11 should be taught in the classroom. Read more at


And below is just one more example of today’s Progressive youth attempting to destroy what brave and patriotic American men and women have built over the last 245 years:

Washington U. Student Senator Caught on Video Destroying Memorial to Victims of 9/11

YAF/Twitter Screenshot

by Alana Mastrangelo

A member of the student government at Washington University (WU) in St. Louis, Missouri, was caught on video removing 2,977 American flags commemorating the victims of the September 11 terrorist attacks. The student was caught on video as he stuffed them into trash bags.

A video posted Saturday by Young Americans for Freedom (YAF) shows a WU student government member removing Americans flags and stuffing them into trash bags. He was later identified by the independent student newspaper Student Life as Student Union Vice President of Finance Fadel Alkilani.

YAF says Alkilani removed 2,977 American flags that were placed on campus — one for each of the victims murdered 20 years ago by Islamic terrorists — as part of the conservative student organization’s “9/11: Never Forget Project” memorial. Read the rest of this article at

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