Tucker: Who is spreading Hate in America?

Tucker: Who is spreading Hate in America?

Today is Election Day in Virginia and on last night’s edition of Tucker CarlsonTonight, Tucker spoke about the bellwether gubernatorial race between Democrat former governor and Clinton hack, Terry McAuliffe and Republican businessman, Glenn Youngkin. Below is a short excerpt:

Tucker:  Instead of promising to improve the lives of the people who live in Virginia, McAuliffe instead found himself defending Joe Biden’s lunatic, openly racist equity agenda, something that unless you’re directly benefiting from it as a consultant, you probably hate. The equity agenda is rooted in hostility and hatred. It is immoral and on some level, most people understand that perfectly well. And yet here was Terry McAuliffe live on television explaining that parents and insisting they have a role in their own child’s education must be White Supremacists.

Tucker plays a clip of McAuliffe:  People trust me on education, but it’s in the forefront here in Virginia as it now is in others, you see what happens in Georgia and Florida, ‘cause they’re talking about this Critical Race Theory. And as I said before, and I will say it again, it’s never been taught in Virginia. I really hate it because it’s a racist dog whistle.

Tucker: Terry McAuliffe never recovered from that interview and the polls showed it. And he didn’t recover because what he said was a lie, and everyone who had school-age children in Virginia knew it was a lie. And if you’re interested, take a look at the Virginia Department of Education’s website.

The screenshot above from the Virginia Department of Education’s website depicts some of the Critical Race Theory topics that Democrat gubernatorial hopeful, Terry McAuliffe, says has “never been taught in Virginia.”

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  • Education in Amerika today is loaded with communists. WE need to REMOVE ALL of them from their so-called jobs that OUR TAX DOLLARS PAY FOR.