Tucker: The Ideologues Are In Control

Tucker: The Ideologues Are In Control

From last night’s Tucker Carlson tonight:

“The ideologues are in control and that is a huge problem for the rest of us. It’s a problem because ideologues have no interest in the lives of actual human beings. Ideologues care only about their theories about the bright new future they are building. Human beings are just speed bumps on the way to utopia. So not surprisingly, when ideologues take over a society any society in any country at any point throughout history, life always gets much worse for most people. Borders fall, crime rises, schools collapse, inflation gets out of control.

Suddenly there are drug addicts living in intensities in your neighborhood screaming at your kids as you walk by, quality of life falls off a cliff. It’s intolerable for most people, but the ideologues don’t care because they’re completely focused on the shiny new society they’re constructing. Nothing else matters, perfection is always just around the corner. As soon as we get rid of all these white men, everything will be great. They say that and they really believe it. Meanwhile inevitably the actual physical world around them, the world that the rest of us inhabit day-to-day, crumbles at high speed and you’re seeing it now. Everywhere.

Just today, in the face of skyrocketing energy prices, the White House announced it may shut down yet another pipeline First it was Keystone XL. That happened immediately. This time the Biden administration would like to close what’s called the Line Five pipeline. You may not have heard of that, but it’s vital to this country. The pipeline moves more than half a million barrels of desperately needed energy every day from Canada to Michigan. Shut that down? Wait to see what happens to gas prices…”

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