Tucker Mocks ‘Truly Heroic’ Texas Democratic Fugitives

Tucker Mocks ‘Truly Heroic’ Texas Democratic Fugitives

YouTube Credit: Fox News

by Hannah Blau – Texas state Rep. Trey Fischer (D), one of the dozens of Democrat state lawmakers who fled the state as part of a protest against the legislature’s pursual of measures to strengthen election integrity, claimed he and his colleagues chartered a flight to D.C. because “everybody” wanted to see them together.


Speaking on CNN’s New Day on Tuesday, Fischer defended their mode of transportation, contending it was what the people wanted to see.

“So, number one, when you break a quorum you want to be successful, so I think everybody wants to see 51, 52, 55 Democrats on the same plane. That’s reassuring,” Fischer said, referring to the picture showing several maskless, smiling Democrat lawmakers aboard the plane:

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  • I wish Governor Abbott could fire and replace them all. They have no fear of being arrested. Kammala will just bail them out… Tucker did a great job, as usual, of exposing the hypocrisy. I hope enough people are paying attention for these pathetic Dems to face some backlash on election day…