Tucker: How Did This Happen?

On Wednesday’s edition of Tucker Carlson Tonight, Tucker opens with a segment focusing on how many Republican elected officials in Red states disregard their constituents’ will and follow “liberals” right down their progressive road. Watch:

“Good evening and welcome to Tucker Carlson Tonight. When you think of American states that have fallen right off the ledge into the deep end of vacuous lifestyle liberalism and we do think of that from time to time you probably think of Vermont. Vermont’s a place that banned fracking despite the fact it has not a single oil or gas well in the state. Or maybe you think of Massachusetts where virtually all human pleasure has been banned for decades if not centuries, And of course you think of California. California a place where one city is now paying people to be transgender. All these are famously liberal places so you’re not surprised, but Utah is not a liberal place.

When you think of Utah, you imagine big happy families, an even bigger salty lake, and a couple of very good ski mountains. You think conservatism because Utah is conservative it always has been, it still is. Utah has the highest rate of church attendance in the country it has one of the lowest crime rates. The birth rate of Utah families is fully 25 percent higher than the national average in the last presidential election. Donald Trump took nearly 60 percent of the vote in Utah. So Utah is definitely not California and yet, some of its most prominent politicians would very much like to change that. If you don’t believe it, watch them talk sometime. They sound like they’re running for city council in Santa Monica.

That doesn’t make sense talk about a misalignment: A highly conservative state with extremely liberal leaders. How did that happen? Actually, it’s not as unusual as you’d hope it would be. Across the country some of the most liberal Republicans represent some of the reddest states. Why? Well maybe it’s the result of corporate influence and corrupt party leadership that’s true maybe voters in those states don’t feel threatened so they’re not paying close attention to who they vote for. Whatever it is it’s very obvious. By contrast, the most energetically conservative governor in the country is not from Alabama. He’s from Florida, which to this day is split almost evenly along party lines so Ron DeSantis has to earn every vote and he does that by representing his constituents. It tells you a lot.

Meanwhile bright red Utah is now led by a cut-rate Gavin Newsom imitator called Spencer Cox. Spencer Cox is a former telecom executive who always seems like he’s auditioning for the title of   America’s Guiltiest White Guy he’s beyond belief…”

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