Tucker: Electric Vehicles are Charged with Fossil Fuels

Tucker: Electric Vehicles are Charged with Fossil Fuels

Tucker Discusses high gas prices and the left’s bullying Americans in and effort to transition us off fossil fuels with Congressman Robert Massie (R- West Kentucky). Massie: “I’m a Political Science denier. Watch:

“Gas prices didn’t just get high accidentally. The United States has the largest recoverable gasoline oil reserves in the world. No they made gas prices high on purpose to transition the economy to renewables to electric vehicles, but it turns out electric vehicles are charged with fossil fuels.

“They’re not green at all they’re worse for the environment than your F-150. That’s straight ahead on this special edition of Tucker Carlson Tonight.

FUN fact: Iowa generates 58% of their electricity from wind, the highest of any state. An even FUNNER (sic) fact: Iowa was just 1 of 12 states whose emissions INCREASED from 2000-2020. Iowa now emits 4 million tons of co2 MORE now vs 2000 due to COAL providing the backup for wind. h/t: I.R.

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  • I think Tucker is onto something here. One of the best ways to combat the global cooling/warming/climate-change hoax is to mock the blatant stupidity of the hoax promoters. I recently requested that the taxpayer-paid-for Alachua County Library system purchase, “The Truth about Energy, Global Warming and Climate Change” (C. July 26, 2022) by Jerome Corsi. I’m sure I’ll get back their usual response full of bureaucratic mumbo jumbo stating that this book is not worthy of being purchased. The message is always that you peasants need not dare question the holy grail of global cooling/warming/climate change.