Tucker: Coordinated Effort to Silence Those Who Dissent

Tucker: Coordinated Effort to Silence Those Who Dissent

In a segment on Wednesday’s edition of Tucker Carlson Tonight, Turning Point USA’s co-founder and CEO, Charlie Kirk discusses the recent attempts, and sometimes successful censorship of free speech. I guess some people feel that: We don’t need no stinkin’ First Amendment.

“Well if you’re hip to the ironic nature of the moment we’re living in, this will not shock you but it’s still pretty amazing. A group of self-described free speech organizations have now come out in favor of government censorship. This is happening in a lot of places.

“Here’s the latest example: The group Pan America, which has been around for a while fighting for the right of writers to speak their conscience in public, has now decided that’s a bad idea. So they sent a letter to the White House announcing they’re forming a coalition of, quote, human rights. free speech, democracy, and technology organizations. All those are false except technology; they’re not for democracy, free speech or human rights, they are for technology. And that’s why the coalition is urging the Biden administration to quote, create a disinformation defense and free expression task force to target the crisis of disinformation that threatens our democracy.

“In other words, when you say things they don’t like, when you utter forbidden facts, that’s against democracy. You thought democracy was the right of every person to be represented by a government who democracy is the right of a very small group of people to control everything. Just so you know Charlie Kirk is the co-founder of Turning Point USA and a friend of ours. He joins us tonight…”

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  • Charlie Kirk nailed it. Too many people are concerned about retaining what’s left of their cushy lifesstyles to stand up and make their voices heard. This is costing us our country. Keep thinking that way and it will be just a matter of time before the dirt bags get to you, comrade.