Tucker Carlson Tonight: Mass Amnesty

Tucker Carlson opened his Fox News Program on Tuesday with a long segment on the crisis at our Southern border brought on by Biden’s ‘Open Borders’ policy. Eventually, he brings on, former senior adviser to President Trump, Stephen Miller to discuss this debacle.

I guess there no tariffs on importing hundreds of thousands of Democrat voters.

He begins:   “Good evening and welcome to Tucker Carlson Tonight, a disaster in Texas at this hour not just for Texas, but for the entire country thousands of illegal migrants, most of them from Haiti flooding over into Del Rio Texas tonight. Many, many more many thousands more on the way, tens of thousands apparently…”

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  • The DemocRATS gladly destroy our country to keep their fraudulent power and our RINOs do nothing. Well, they all ask, “What’s in it for me for the next 30 minutes?”