Trump’s Ramp Versus Biden’s Triple Fall

Trump’s Ramp Versus Biden’s Triple Fall

Saturday, at the North Carolina Republican Convention, President Trump compared his slow and careful steps on the ramp leading to the podium at West Point, to Presidents “triple fall” on the steps to Air Force One and the medias’ double standard in covering both incidents. Watch:


Do you ever notice when he (Biden) had a hard time going up the stairs on the plane, nobody talks about, that, nobody talks. The news didn’t cover, not one network covered it. Now when I made the best speech I’ve ever made, they said, was at West Point, and it was pouring and I had a ramp.

There was an ice skating rink, and I called, I said to the general, and said: “General, I may have to grab you because the last thing I’m doing, is going down.”

So I walked gingerly down. That was on every newscast in the world and I never went down either. I never went on my ass. I’ll tell you, I wasn’t gonna fall. [Applause]. I think that was a booby trap, I think. I’ll never forget that ramp. That was like a sheet of ice. It was cold rainy, and that ramp was long and steep. I said: “General, I might have to grab you, but I’m not going down under.” And unfortunately I wasn’t wearing American shoes. I had Italian shoes, nice leather, leather. It’s like an ice skating rink. But they made that a big story, but they didn’t make the Biden fall, the triple fall – I caught the triple fall.

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  • The double standard of the mainstream media has gotten so bad in recent years. It really became noticeable to me during the G.W. Bush presidency, got worse during the Obama years and became so blatant during the Trump years. It is disgusting. The press is supposed to pursue the TRUTH for us. Intead, they relentlessly pursue and advance an increasingly radical Leftist agenda. They are guilty of extreme malpractice, but are never held accountable. Their failure is being exposed now with the Covid-19 origins story. Let’s hope more and more Americans see through the lying media, and look elsewhere for their news…