Trump Rising

Trump Rising

Subtitle: ‘Will Trump Run in 2024? The Good, the Bad and the Ugly.

Source: AP Photo/LM Otero

by Kurt Schlicter

The polls, which I trust as far as I can throw Michael Moore, are showing something interesting beyond the fact that crusty President Badfinger has fallen and can’t get up. According to Rasmussen, in a head-to-empty-head contest between President Trump and that desiccated old weirdo, Trump has a 10-point edge. He’s 12-points over Kamala, who will probably run in 2024 since * is likely to be sent off to a farm upstate with Major the Dog.

So, does this mean Trump will run in 2024?

Well, it sure as heck makes it more likely.

The stars are aligning for a potential comeback story for the ages. We have a barely conscious pseudo-president botching everything he touches, an inept, razor-thin Dem Congress engaged in public autophagy over how many trillions we don’t have we will squander, and a population getting sicker and sicker of being lied to, manipulated, bossed around, ripped off, and lorded over. The sight of the same jerks who insist that you have to gag your screaming toddler while partying down mask-free is galling. The vaxx mandates that the Kreepy Karen Korps is so proud of imposing are turning out to be aimed right at minority Americans who, understandably, are reluctant to trust government scientists bearing jabs. ID to vote – racist; ID and a passport to work or eat – great! And then there’s Afghanistan, the border, inflation, and CRT – it’s a veritable smorgasbord of disasters. Read the rest at

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  • By 2024 this will be a communist nation. Chump listened to his two favorite NY lefties, Queen Ivanka and Comrade Kushner and screwed us by walking away from an election that he won big. If you saw my list of the 10 Florida RINOs who voted FOR the slippery-slope, take our guns away, Red Flag law you would know that we are ON OUR OWN.