Trey Gowdy Opines on the Meaning of Memorial Day

Trey Gowdy Opines on the Meaning of Memorial Day

Last night on his Fox News program Sunday Night in America, host Trey Gowdy opined on Memorial Day. Watch:

“Welcome back to Sunday Night in America.

“Monday is Memorial Day, the day we celebrate the sacrifice of those who gave their lives for our country. The day that we honor sacrifice. It’s good to honor service too, which is why we have a day set aside in November, Veterans Day to do that, but Memorial Day is about sacrifice, the giving of your life for your country and your fellow citizens. That should be, in part, an introspective day.

“On Veterans Day or Christmas, or Valentine’s Day, we can express our thoughts and feelings to others and wait for their response. We cannot do that on Memorial Day. There is no response, the people that we honor are dead. That leaves us to supply both ends of the conversation, but it’s still a conversation that needs to be had.

“After some study of the deadliest battles of our history, the battles that require the most sacrifice, I wondered what it was like to be a teenager sent to Europe during World War I, and probably never crossed an ocean before in their young lives. For many they only crossed the ocean once. They are buried somewhere in France, or Belgium, or England…”

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  • The problem with Trey when he was in Congress was that he would get a lot of press video pointing his finger at and exposing the bad guys. And then, when asked by a conservative interviewer what he was going to do next Trey would respond, “Well, there’s nothing we can really do.” However, Trey got national notoriety by being on TV and the American people got, as usual, nothing but the bill for paying Trey’s salary and expenses.