The Joker As President

The Joker As President

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It would be easy to convince any level-headed person that we are much worse off now than when Trump was president. We are no longer energy independent. Prices on gasoline are almost double what they were just two years ago.

Inflation is back with a vengeance

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Inflation is back with a vengeance. Food prices, especially beef, bacon, bread, dairy, just about everything, are rising fast. The Fed is printing money as quickly as they can, fueling even more inflation. What the Fed told us would be a minor inflation cycle will actually be an embedded cycle for a long time. They just weren’t going to tell us.

The Democrats have always known their true calling, but for the first time in many years they are now able to achieve it…CONTROL. COVID has given them the opportunity they have craved forever…to control the people and every major government institution. And now they have a president they can only have dreamt about, thoroughly corrupt, and he hardly knows what day it is. If only they can disarm the people, it will be complete.

The COVID pandemic, plandemic, or scamdemic is creating as much confusion as the Biden administration can muster. Wear a mask, don’t wear a mask, don’t wear a mask if you have been vaccinated, wear a mask in spite of your vaccination. It’s the unvaccinated that are causing the variants. It’s the vaccinated that are producing the variants. Now Pfizer says their vaccine loses efficacy after 6 months. So, the line starts here for your new jab…ching, ching goes the cash register. Their stock is way up….duh!

Be ready for Biden to receive direction to require vaccinations for everyone. That will initiate a constitutional fight you will see only once in a lifetime.

Our Southern border, for all intents and purposes, no longer exists. The estimate is that two million illegal migrants, many with communicable diseases, will enter the United States this year, distributed nationwide by the Biden administration. Their concern for COVID or other diseases suddenly nowhere to be found. Read the rest at

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  • His Fraudulency, Beijing Biden, Joke Biden, Resident-in-Grief, Occupant, The Joker and of course, Potato Head. I like all of them. Any more?