The Ingraham Angle: “Diversocrats”

The Ingraham Angle: “Diversocrats”

On Tuesday’s Fox News Program, The Ingraham Angle, Laura discusses some more Progressive craziness with Republican congressman Jim Jordan. Watch:

“Now the diversity, equity and inclusion scam is taking over public universities and it’s costing you millions. Ohio congressman Jim Jordan reacts to the shocking revelations out of his state. Stay there.”


”Now public universities they’re not just forcing these woke lesson plans on students, they’re amassing armies of “Diversocrats.” Ohio State alone has hired more than a hundred of them According to data compiled by economist Mark J. Perry, these woke bureaucrats have an average salary of $77,000 a year, and a total payroll consuming an estimated 13.4 million dollars. In case you’re wondering, that’s enough to pay in-state tuition for more than I don’t know, about 1,100 students. Joining me now is Ohio congressman Jim Jordan, House Judiciary Committee Ranking Member.   “Congressman why should any American taxpayer be on the hook for this garbage?…”

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  • Use OUR TAX DOLLARS to hire Lesbian Studies Majors. Sick. Contact DeSantis about this garbage and demand that this be stopped…now!!!