Terry McAuliffe Mocked Over Backfired Smear Plot

Terry McAuliffe Mocked Over Backfired Smear Plot

I guess we now know for sure who the very fine people are.

Democrat Operative Admits Involvement in Failed Virginia Tiki Torch False Flag Plot

Lauren Windsor, a Democrat operative, admitted her involvement in Friday’s failed tiki torch plot that attempted to smear Republican Virginia gubernatorial candidate Glenn Youngkin as a white supremacist.

Windsor often poses undercover as a conservative activist to dupe politicians into making controversial comments.

“In my capacity as a communications consultant, I worked w @ProjectLincoln to coordinate today’s Youngkin action in Charlottesville,” Windsor tweeted. “I join them in the fight to defend our democracy from rightwing extremists and call for Glenn Youngkin to denounce Trump’s ‘very fine people.” Read the rest at breitbart.com.

Great article with lots of images here: Terry McAuliffe Mocked over Viral Picture of ‘Youngkin Supporters’ with Tiki Torches.

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