Teacher of the Year? I Don’t Think So

Teacher of the Year? I Don’t Think So

The case for video cameras in the classroom.

In this segment from Thursday’s Tucker Carlson Tonight, Tucker shows a video of who he calls the “worst teacher in America. He then brings on fellow Fox News host, Jesse Watters to discuss. Watch.

Tucker:  “So after nationwide searching, there were many contenders we found the worst teacher in the entire country, and we have the video you won’t want to miss it.

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“So the iphone is obviously rearranging our brains and making us compliant, dumb, and destroying our attention span, but there is an upside;  they video so a lot of parents all of a sudden know for certain what is happening in their kids classrooms.

“This is actual footage of someone called Leah Kenyon, a chemistry teacher in the Alpine School District in the state of Utah:”

“Teacher, Leah Kenyon, lecturing her students in the classroom:  We’ll just keep getting variants over and over and over, until people get vaccinated. I hate Donald Trump. I’m gonna say it. I Don’t care what y’all think, Trump sucks…”

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  • Jesse made a great point. That worthless slug called an educator will most likely be protected by a teachers union. That is a great reason to ELIMINATE TEACHERS UNIONS…NOW! I’m contacting DeSantis (850-717-9337 “2”) in a few minutes. I’m going to ask him to watch this video, put cameras in the class rooms (elementary through college) and to use his Harvard law degree to ELIMINATE TEACHERS UNIONS in Florida. Please call DeSantis today and DEMAND this. WE can and will save our country.