St. Louis Attorney Targeted by BLM Mob Running for Senate

St. Louis Attorney Targeted by BLM Mob Running for Senate

From Tucker Carlson Tonight Tuesday, May 18th, 2021:

“Late last June a mob of BLM lunatics smashed the gate on Mark and Patricia McCloskey’s house in St. Louis. They stormed on in the McCloskeys’ lawn, and shouted threats at them as the McCloskeys were eating dinner. The McCloskeys hadn’t done anything. They didn’t know anyone in the crowd, they were just the wrong color and for that reason, they got screamed out and threatened.

“That’s the point in which Mark and Patricia McCloskey went inside and got firearms to defend themselves. Because if you can’t defend yourself in your own home when a mob shows up to hurl racist epithets at you, it’s not really worth living in the country. That was our view; it’s a view of most people. We had actually Mark McCloskey on the show two days later. He made that point. He wasn’t very political at times if anything I think he was a Democrat, didn’t matter that’s a fundamental right. And maybe because it is a fundamental right, prosecutors in St. Louis filed criminal charges against Mark and Patricia McCloskey a few weeks later.

Their lives changed forever and a lot of their opinions seem to have changed too. Now mark McCloskey is running for the United States Senate as a Republican in the state of Missouri Here’s part of his announcement video:

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  • Yes, the lefty media had me thinking that this guy was originally a DemocRAT. He wasn’t and isn’t. If this guy gains traction, I’ll send a few bucks his way.