Senator John Kennedy Talks “Infrastructure” on Hannity

Senator John Kennedy Talks “Infrastructure” on Hannity

Louisiana Republican senator John Kennedy, discusses the “Infrastructure” bill with Sean Hannity on Tuesday night. Watch:

Sean Hannity: …there’s so much underneath the hood that has nothing to do with building better airports, roads, bridges, tunnels, but it will add hundreds of billions of dollars, frankly trillions to the budget deficit. And don’t forget, progressives in the House, they’ve already said they won’t take up the bill unless the Senate passes the 3 trillion dollar budget reconciliation package which is expected to include amnesty.

Here to break all of it down and add all of it up is Louisiana senator John Kennedy. So we have the 600 billion already spent, we got the 1.2 trillion bipartisan the, 3.5 trillion that will be rammed down America’s throats, unless Joe Manchin or, or Senator Sinema of Arizona step up uh, and all, all 50 Republicans hold the line. Uh, it seems like a fait accompli, unfortunately, but maybe I’m just too pessimistic senator?

Senator Kennedy: Um, Sean I’m, I am disappointed in my opinion we, we Republicans in the Senate keep finding new ways to lose. To lose on policy, and to lose on politics. Opposing President Biden’s infrastructure bill should have been a fat guy layup. It would take me two hours to outline its deficiency. I mean from the bottom of my heart. I mean it’s real swamp stuff. Uh, they told us that um, they told us it was about real infrastructure. Uh it wasn’t. To call, calling this bill an infrastructure bill is like, it’s like calling Anthony Weiner a saint.

There’s more Green New Deal and welfare in this bill than infrastructure. They told us the bill was paid for, it isn’t. They told us the bill wouldn’t raise taxes, it does. They told us the bill wouldn’t contribute to inflation and higher prices, it will. They told us that it would, this bill if we pass the infrastructure bill, would make it harder to pass President Biden’s companion bill, the four to five trillion dollars tax and spending binge   reconciliation act that we’re debating right now, it will make it easier to pass that act as you pointed out President or rather Speaker Pelosi is so excited about, the passage of the Infrastructure Bill she’s thinking about merging the two bills in, in the House. I’m telling you the Democrats desperately wanted this infrastructure bill. They wanted it like an axe wants a turkey, they wanted it like Ben wants J.Lo, and that’s just the facts and we just got out maneuvered. Uh intelligence was chasing us and we got beat.

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