Rutgers Leaders Forced to Apologize for Statement Condemning Anti-Semitism

Rutgers Leaders Forced to Apologize for Statement Condemning Anti-Semitism

by Samuel Chamberlain

The chancellor and provost of Rutgers University apologized Thursday for issuing a statement that denounced the recent surge in anti-Semitic attacks because he said it “failed to communicate support for our Palestinian community members.”

The initial statement from Chancellor Christopher Molloy and Provost Francine Conway Wednesday said they were “saddened by and greatly concerned about the sharp rise in hostile sentiments and anti-Semitic violence in the United States.”

The Thursday statement, titled “An Apology,” included the message that “our diversity must be supported by equity, inclusion, antiracism, and the condemnation of all forms of bigotry and hatred, including anti-Semitism and Islamophobia.

“As we grow in our personal and institutional understanding, we will take the lesson learned here to heart, and pledge our commitment to doing better,” Molloy and Conway continued. “We will work to regain your trust, and make sure that our communications going forward are much more sensitive and balanced.” Read the rest at

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