Rep. Kat Cammack Warns Aainst Push to Defund Police

Rep. Kat Cammack Warns Aainst Push to Defund Police

Florida Republican congresswoman Kat Cammack appeared on Fox and Friends this morning with a clear message to those pushing to defunf police. Watch:

Right now, my husband is on his way to work. He’s on his way to a SWAT call-out. And this is just a normal, everyday for us…

So for my colleagues on the other side of the isle, who have been calling for the defunding of our men and women in uniform, please, consider joining us for an educational ride along.

…and while we are focused on protecting our communities, and making sure that our kids can grow up to be anything that they want to be, the left is focused on tearing down the very basic structures, like public safety, like the family unit. And it couldn’t be a clearer split of where we are in America today.

And so it’s frustrating, when I talk to my Democratic collegues: “Have you done a ride along.” “No.” And I think that their perception of law enforcement would change dramatically, if they even spent an hour in the shoes of our men and women in uniform…