Permanent Pandemic

On Saturday’s edition of Watters’ World, Jesse tears into the Left’s tactics of using the pandemic to control Americans. Is it all about the Midterm elections? Watch:   

“Permanent pandemic, that’s the subject of tonight’s Watters, Words. Fear gives them power. That’s what Democrats do; make you so scared that they can control you. They want to keep us in a forever pandemic, so the left isn’t doing the one thing they always tell you to do, follow the science.

“The CDC issuing guidance this week telling vaccinated Americans to wear masks indoors, in public places with high cases. Do average Americans follow case counts county by county? No, case counts are kind of irrelevant at this point. If you’re vaxed, this virus isn’t deadly anymore. Your chance of catching COVID is small, and there’s more than a 99 percent chance you won’t die from it, or even go to the hospital. Out of 161 million Americans who have been vaccinated, just a little over one thousand have died. These are CDC numbers and almost all these deaths were older Americans with health problems.

Now any death is one too many, but big picture, you have a 0.0007% chance of dying from COVID if you’re vaxed.

“Low risk there is an understatement. You have a bigger chance of dying from a car crash, whose death rate is .0009%, but we still get in the car every day, don’t we? But the Left’s hysterical. They’re just being absolute Karen’s about all this, and they can’t stop yelling about how some people aren’t getting vaxxed so they’re just deciding to punish everybody. The Left keeps talking about COVID cases are up, but they’re not talking about the low number of deaths. The average is just a couple hundred deaths a day in the U.S.

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“This is the least deadly month since the pandemic began. They’re talking about cases now because deaths are so low. The Left overreacts because that’s what they do. It’s not possible for the country to function if Americans aren’t willing to put up with the tiniest amount of risk, but again back to masks.

“They want you to be like Secretary of Defense, Lloyd Austin here. Can you believe that? Wearing a face shield, and a mask. How embarrassing…”

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