Opinion: This Trial Was A Disgrace

Opinion: This Trial Was A Disgrace

Source: Court TV via AP

by Kurt Schlichter

I don’t pretend to know if Derek Chauvin is guilty in the objective sense – Judge Mom, a conservative who sent a lot of people to jail as a prosecutor before doing it from the bench, made a convincing argument to me for a murder conviction soon after the incident – but I do know one thing. This trial was a travesty, a kangaroo court, and as a country, we should be ashamed of ourselves.

This is not to argue whether he is innocent or guilty. I don’t know. There were arguments both ways, and compelling evidence for both points of view. There was powerful evidence for his guilt. Say what you want about that videotape, but it’s solid evidence. And there was powerful evidence for his innocence – George Floyd was clearly in mid-overdose and, after all, fentanyl does have the side effect of killing you. That’s solid evidence too. This was no slam-dunk. A fair trial required careful thought and sober deliberations. And it required a process where neutral citizens could act as jurors to sort it out try to find the truth based on the evidence and the law, and only that. It required a process free of fear and intimidation. But let’s not pretend we got that here. Read the rest at townhall.com.

  • In Dallas in 2016 the cops knelt on a detained guy who was on drugs for 13 minutes. The guy, Tony Timpa, died. The situation was very similar to the George Floyd case but the lefty media wasn’t much concerned. Why? THE DEAD GUY WAS WHITE. Looks like your vote or your life doesn’t mean much to the lefties in Amerika today. That is…if you’re white. Keep your doors locked and your guns loaded.

  • It WAS a travesty. You could see that the “fix was in” as soon as they denied a change of venue. Hold the trial in the same city as the incident, a city that exploded in violence after the incident? Yeah, that’s fair! It was clear that Chauvin screwed up, but murder? I don’t think so. This whole sad incident is nothing more than pandering to the black community, BLM and fear of more violence if Chauvin wasn’t found guilty.