Nolte: Far-Left NY Times Admits Twice as Many Dems Live in ‘Bubble’ than GOP

Nolte: Far-Left NY Times Admits Twice as Many Dems Live in ‘Bubble’ than GOP

Dustin Chambers/Getty Images

by John Nolte

According to a study published in the far-left New York Times, 38 percent of Democrats live in what’s described as a “bubble” compared to just 19 percent of Republicans.

Yes, the New York Times itself is so bubbled, it required a study to figure that out.

Nevertheless, Republican are still attacked as the problem, not bubble-seeking Democrats. Yes, this high-profile opinion piece is still angled as though bubbled Republicans need to be reprogrammed and re-educated and have our suburbs destroyed:

More than half of Republicans believe that last year’s election was stolen from Donald Trump. Rather than reject claims of election fraud, Republican lawmakers have used the premise that the election was stolen to justify restrictions on voting.

Mr. Trump most likely deserves much of the blame for the widespread belief among Republicans the election was illegitimate. But there’s another reason so many Republicans might not believe Joe Biden won: They don’t live near people who voted for him. Read the rest at

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  • If you still do not understand that the 2020 election was stolen from Trump, you are completely, politically ignorant.