Nolte: Clueless Media Shocked America ‘Tunes Out’ Omicron’s ‘Ominous Threat’

Nolte: Clueless Media Shocked America ‘Tunes Out’ Omicron’s ‘Ominous Threat’

The far-left propaganda site Axios fired off this beauty Tuesday: “America tunes out Omicron news despite ominous threat.”

What is the scientific basis for declaring the Omicron variant an “ominous threat?” This variant has been out there for weeks, and so far, only one person in the U.S. has succumbed to it.

The Omicron appears to be more infectious than the Delta, but it’s a little early to be declaring it an “ominous threat.” There’s even a school of thought that says the Omicron variant might be less deadly and, therefore, our way out of this mess. The thinking is that if we all catch this less deadly variant and achieve natural immunity, that’s a win-win route to herd immunity.

Sure, Omicron could prove to be deadlier than the Delta, but as of today, there is no justification for a scare headline like that.

Further, it is almost certainly scare headlines like that that partly explain why Americans are turning out the ongoing fear porn.

We’re two years into this pandemic, which means that despite the fake media’s and the organized left’s ongoing crusade to terrify us into their minions, we know what the score is. Most of us are vaccinated, and those who are not understand that risk, so we’re going on about our lives and ignoring fear porn. Read the rest at

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  • Notice how those first two weeks of Carona caution have now turned into two years. Hey, people, STOP PUTTING UP WITH THE COVID BS!!!!!!!!!! It’s all BS. Get some cajones.