Nation Surprised To Learn Oscars Happened Last Night
  • I used to watch the Oscars, but since they got political, I lost interest. If I wanted to hear informed political viewpoints or opinions, I certainly wouldn’t seek out some narcissistic actor or primadonna athlete, whose IQ and knowledge is dwarfed by my own. I’m about to cancel Cox Cable because it seems like every show on every American network is more concerned with virtue signaling than quality entertainment, not to mention their slovenly devotion to all things Democrat. Watching TV shows on Netflix, from Sweden, Ireland, Russia and even the UK has opened my eyes to what TV should be.

  • And the winner is…another incompetent lefty. As long as they spout the lefty agenda they get one acting or directing or producing gig after another. More millions of dollars in their pockets as THEY do their best to destroy America.