Memorial Day and a Nation of Narcissistic Ninnies

Memorial Day and a Nation of Narcissistic Ninnies

Americans increasingly avoid risk, which means avoiding living a meaningful life.

Steve Rogers falls on grenade in “Captain America: The First Avenger” (YouTube screenshot)

by Melissa MacKenzie

America, home of the free because of the brave, lacks brave people. Memorial Day approaches and too many Americans cannot fathom believing in anything enough to risk their lives for that belief. Worse, they scorn the people who do believe. Americans, rich and coddled, have turned inward and worry about risking anything because they have too much to lose. So they play it safe and protective — but mostly they play.

Consider the evidence. The Army came out with a new ad that didn’t extol bravery and sacrifice and the ideals of America. Instead, it extolled self-idealization by way of personal journey to self-discovery through joining the Army. Even mentally unstable, sexually ambiguous pudding-heads will find a home there and will have their hands held on their quest for self-actualization. The message is clear: Join the Army — do it for you. Read the rest at

  • Since the beginning of the Obummer administration, I have been saying, “If World War II happened today, and we had to depend on today’s 18-25 year olds to save us, we’d all soon be speaking German.”

  • I imagine some of our new American soldiers would throw down their weapons and experience the “personal journey” and “self-discovery” of surrender.