‘Maybe This Will Refresh Your Memory’: Hawley Presses AG On Dad Arrested At School Board Meeting

‘Maybe This Will Refresh Your Memory’: Hawley Presses AG On Dad Arrested At School Board Meeting

At yesterday’s Senate Judiciary Committee hearing, Sen. Josh Hawley (R-MO) confronted AG Merrick Garland about a controversial memo on school board safety. Here’s a partial transcript:

Senator Hawley: Do you think that a parent who looks at the 13 different federal crimes that your Justice Department has identified they might be subject to and prosecuted for, like making annoying phone calls, do you think that they’re going to feel that they’re welcome to speak up at a school board meeting? How about this one; they could be prosecuted for using the internet. I guess that would be Facebook in a way that might cause emotional distress to a victim. Is that is that a crime of violence?

Attorney General Garland: Senator I haven’t seen the memo that you’re talking about…

Senator Hawley: Why haven’t you?

Attorney General Garland: I haven’t and I don’t, I and I, Even from the description it doesn’t sound like it was addressed to parents but if you…

Senator Hawley: No, it wasn’t addressed to parents, it was addressed to prosecutors that’s the problem Why haven’t you seen the memo?

Attorney General Garland: I don’t know why I haven’t; I don’t look at every, I have I do not get every memo that every U.S. attorney uh, sends out.

Senator Hawley: But if you’re wait a minute.  I just want to be sure I understand this. This this is a memorandum that collects 13 different federal crimes parents could be charged with. It has United States Department of Justice on the top of it, and you’re telling me you haven’t seen it?

Attorney General Garland: Who’s the memo from Senator?

Senator Hawley: The United States Department of Justice, United States Attorney for the district of Montana.

Attorney General Garland: I have not seen a memo from the district of Montana.

Senator Hawley: Not high enough priority for you?

Attorney General Garland: That’s not that’s not the question I don’t…

Senator Hawley: It is the question. Answer my question. Is it not a high enough priority for you when you’re threatening parents with 13 different federal crimes? These aren’t crimes of violence. You’ve testified today you’re focused on violence. That’s not what your U.S. attorneys, they work for you, that’s not what they’re saying. You haven’t seen it because it’s not a high enough priority or what?

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  • Garland, that commie pig, needs to be forced to resign. I’ve just called Rubio, Scott, Gaetz and Neal Dunn and told them to force Fauci, Milley and Garland to resign.