Mark Levin’s American Marxism… A Much-Needed Home Run

Mark Levin’s American Marxism… A Much-Needed Home Run

American Marxism which is set to be released on Tuesday, July 13th, is already number 3 on Amazon’s best-seller list and has sold approximately 150,000 to date.

Taking on the reality of the American Left.

by Jeffrey Lord

Mark Levin at CPAC, National Harbor, Maryland, February 24, 2018 (Gage Skidmore/Wikimedia Commons)

The counterrevolution to the American Revolution is in full force. And it can no longer be dismissed or ignored, for it is devouring our society and culture, swirling around our everyday lives, and ubiquitous in our politics, schools, media, and entertainment. Once a mostly unrelatable, fringe, and subterranean movement, it is here — and it is everywhere.

The counterrevolution or movement of which I speak is Marxism.

It is Marx’s Communist Manifesto, recall, that famously divided the world into “oppressor” and “oppressed.” Levin astutely notes that the use of this formula in today’s America by the Left means that “Either you are part of the righteous revolution for liberation and transformation or you are not.” This explains, “but only in part, the cowardice of corporatists, professional athletes, broadcasters, artists, actors, writers, and journalists who, in the face of such tumult, buckle under the pressure, seek to avoid the mob’s notice through various forms of appeasement and capitulation, and in some cases participate in their own transfiguration and even disembowelment.”

No more prescient description could be made of an event that occurred before American Marxism‘s release (its official publish date is next week) — the ostentatious corporate campaign against the Georgia voting law that saw Major League Baseball’s All-Star Game summarily removed from Atlanta. The CEOs for Atlanta-based Coca-Cola and Delta Airlines quickly denounced the law — although quite notably they were stone silent about stricter voting laws in Delaware, President Biden’s home state. This was a vivid example of Mark’s description of corporations buckling under the pressure “to avoid the mob’s notice.” (And in this case it specifically damaged the black-owned businesses of majority-black Atlanta.)

In discussing the role of mobs, Mark zeroes in on the “Marxist-anarchist ideology” of Antifa and Black Lives Matter. In fact, well after Black Lives Matter’s popularity had surged in 2020, a 2015 video surfaced that revealed BLM co-founder Patrisse Cullors describing herself and her fellow BLM organizers as “trained Marxists.” Read the rest at

  • I’ll be requesting that the Alachua County Library buy this book and make it available to its patrons shortly. Thanks, Alan.

  • The Alachua County Library has purchased this book and it is now available. I believe I’m about fourth in line.