Mark Levin: You Know, There’s Precious Few Real Patriots in Washington, DC

Mark Levin: You Know, There’s Precious Few Real Patriots in Washington, DC

After interviewing Senator Josh Hawley on Sunday’s Life, Liberty and Levin, Mark closed with a powerful monologue where he spoke of Joe Biden’s recent first hundred days speech and about how much Mark misses President Donald Trump. Below is the transcript of the segment:

“Welcome back America. You know, there’s precious few real patriots in Washington, DC. Josh Hawley’s clearly one of them, but when I watched this hundred-day speech that Joe Biden gave reminds me of these Communist regimes. They have these, these phony dates and marks, you know five year plans, hundred day speeches and so forth.

“As I listened to this man (Joe Biden) ramble on about our faults and our imperfections, and how he’s going to fix us all, and how he’s going to save us from ourselves, I thought to myself, my God do I miss Donald Trump. We have vaccines that have saved millions of people thanks to Donald Trump, We had a secure border thanks to Donald Trump, we had cheap energy thanks to Donald Trump, we had low inflation thanks to Donald Trump. He was pro-military, pro-law enforcement, pro-family, pro-American worker.

“What else he understood, that America isn’t made up of systemically racist people, America’s made, it’s made up of systemically fabulous people, men and women of all backgrounds and diversity, and tens of millions of people, all around the world who want to join us. Donald Trump understands the private sector. This is where we get inventions and growth and opportunities and jobs. It comes from We the People, not them the government. You know I got to thinking: In Donald Trump’s first year of business, first year business, he had more business and private sector experience than Joe Biden, Nancy Pelosi, Kamala Harris, and Chuck Schumer all combined. They have no private sector experience, not even in the Seven-Eleven.

“Nowhere. You listen to this Joe Biden’s speech, you’ve got to come to hate yourself, hate your fellow man, but for government. More programs, more spending, more debt, more redistribution of wealth, more class warfare, more oppressed and oppressor. But for government, we are a very bad people.

“And yet you listen to Joe Biden, he’s a bit schizophrenic. On the one hand he says you are systemically racist, on the other hand, he says We the People, we can do these things, we can do these things. This speech was written by a fifth grader I think, and not a very intelligent one. As a matter of fact, ladies and gentlemen, we are facing something we’ve never faced before, certainly not at this level, and not since the Civil War.

“And that is, the enemy within. People who hate this country. You didn’t hear a single inspiring thing from Joe Biden about the American people, about our history, about our Constitution, about our unalienable rights. The words individual liberty never passed his lips. Private property rights, entrepreneurship, free market Capitalism. Never, not once. Why? Because the man’s been in Washington 50 years, and most of the people jumping up like clapping seals on the Democratic side, they’ve been in Washington forever for the most part too. The fact of the matter is, it’s not just domestic,  it’s international.

“Donald Trump, I was thinking, the first hundred days Joe Biden, Donald Trump, the Abraham  Accords, all the peace that was breaking out of the Middle East,  completely undermined by Joe Biden. Joe Biden, who’s giving aid and comfort to the regime in Tehran, that wants nuclear missiles that can aim and hit our country, Joe Biden, who’s backed off on the Communist Chinese. He’s a pushover as far as they’re concerned. One enemy after another, they’re the ones who are happy with Joe Biden’s first hundred days. Not me, not if you love this country, not if you believe in our Capitalist system and the American people.

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  • Mark, a good presentation except for the vaccine B.S. Beijing “Potato Head” Biden and “Headboard” Harris have to go.