Mark Levin We are Staring Tyranny in the Face

Mark Levin We are Staring Tyranny in the Face

On this Sunday’s edition of Life Liberty and Levin, Mark opened with his take on the show trial that began last week also known as the January 6th hearings. He went on to talk about the assassination threat on Justice Brett Kavanaugh and his family. Watch:

Hello America, I’m Mark Levin and this is Life, Liberty and Levin. Well you’ve seen the spectacle this week, and I want to dig into this. And I want to dig into the threat of assassination against the Supreme Court justice. You heard these words often the past few days: Insurrection, sedition, democracy, peaceful transfer of power. What words haven’t you heard from this committee? Show trial, star chamber, tyranny of the legislature, separation of powers.

In a courtroom ladies and gentlemen, there’s all kinds of rules based on the truism that justice, truth, and fairness. They require the ability of the accused to effectively defend himself or herself. We have a judge, we have a jury of peers. We have the government lawyer, the defendant has a lawyer, rules of evidence. They apply to both sides. Discovery, especially useful to the defendants, and etc. This is built on 4 000 years of human experience: Athens, uh the Magna Carta, the Great Western Reformation. And it was refined by the Founding Fathers in the Bill of Rights.

Furthermore, when our Constitution established a House of Representatives, it was created as the single the only Federal branch directly elected by the people. We don’t have a democracy, we have a republic, but the extent to which the people have a direct role in their government, it’s supposed to be through the House of Representatives, or at least it was, and it was to be the body in which the people, all the people. All the people are represented, not just the majority. It was to be a body in which the minority had some power, the minority had a role…

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