Mark Levin: American Marxism

On the first half of Sunday night’s program, Life, Liberty and Levin, Mark discusses his new book, American Marxism to be released on Tuesday, July 13th. The book is number one on Amazon’s best-seller list and has had pre-orders of about 250,000 copies. Watch:

“Hello America, welcome to a very special edition of Life, Liberty and Levin. Thank you for being here I’m Mark Levin. This show and several of our future shows, I’m going to take you on little journey. So I hope you’ll stick with us. It’s the sort of thing that’s not typically done on television, but that’s the nature of this program. In a few days my book, American Marxism will be released and available to you to purchase.

“It’s the most important book I’ve ever written, it’s my ninth book, and why is it the most important book I’ve ever written because we are not looking into the abyss as a nation, we are in the abyss [Emphasis, mine]. And the question now is how do we get out of it? American Marxism. Really the goal here is to unmask what’s taking place in this country, whether it’s public schools, colleges and universities, whether it’s our government and the push for critical race theory throughout our culture, Lat Crit which is another effort at promoting an ideology, the war on capitalism, they call climate change, it’s a de-growth movement and so forth and so on.

American Marxism, that title is going to offend a lot of people, particularly the Marxists. Now who are the Marxists? Are there Marxists? Is this just another Joe McCarthy big Red scare?

“See these books? This is probably five percent of the books I have that I’ve been reading for the last two years about what’s going on in our classrooms in colleges and universities, and who’s promoting it. These books are all available to you. You can get on Amazon, you get them Barnes & Noble. It’s not like it’s a secret, the problem is these things take place, and we haven’t been paying attention and now throughout our culture, whether it’s newsrooms, whether it’s entertainment, whether it’s academia, the Democrat party. This ideology, what I call American Marxism, has been spawned from Marxism. It has been Americanized and has been used to try and use our differences, our imperfections, to exploit them and to drive this ideology…

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  • I ordered American Marxism from the Alachua County Library. People are lining up to read this book.