Lithium Prices Shoot Up, Disrupting Plans for Electric Car Manufacturers

Lithium Prices Shoot Up, Disrupting Plans for Electric Car Manufacturers

Tesla China-made Model 3 vehicles are seen during a delivery event at its factory in Shanghai, China on Jan. 7, 2020. (Aly Song/Reuters)

by Maureen Anthrapully

Car manufacturers are finding it increasingly pricier to manufacture electric vehicles (EV) as the costs of procuring lithium, one of the main components found in every commercial EV battery, has shot up almost 280 percent since the start of the year.

The demand for electric vehicles has pushed up demand for the metal, and supply has not been able to keep pace. Lithium is a vital ingredient for rechargeable batteries. The price hike will not only impact vehicles but also mobile phones and laptops.

Carmakers are also struggling to get their hands on raw materials including lithium, semiconductor chips, copper, and aluminum. Experts claim that lithium will be harder to obtain and investments are needed for mining and producing the requisite amounts.

Automobile manufacturers have been enthusiastic about the move to electric, with many companies proclaiming a complete shift from fossil-based engines to electric tech as early as 2040 or even 2030. Read the rest at

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  • Amazing, the DemocRAT-Communist Party and their RINO pals steal the 2020 election and implement their insane policies and shazam, prices start going through the roof. And I’m sure our lefty media scum know that all of this inflation is Trump’s fault.