Levin – Hannity

Mark Levin appeared on Friday’s addition of Hannity.

Hannity:  Why do we have vaccine mandates for the illegal immigrants that they are processing into the country? Here with reaction is now the author of what is the number one bestseller now nine weeks in a row, American Marxism. He’s the host of Life Liberty and Levin, also nationally syndicated radio host, Mark Levin. Now over a million copies sold, uh Mark, the reason this book is resonating is because it is a, it is an antidote to what this country is now going through. Uh, I’ll open it up to you. We’ve got General Milley, we’ve got Afghanistan, we’ve got a border disaster, we’re now begging OPEC for energy, we’ve got inflation, we’ve got fuel prices up above $4.50 a gallon, where would you like to start?…

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  • Enough talk, Mark. Why aren’t Fauci and Milley already in prison?

    Watch: Banned.video

    Lock and load.