Let Them Destroy Each Other

Let Them Destroy Each Other

Source: Timothy A. Clary/Pool Photo via AP

by Kurt Schlichter

There’s something so satisfying about seeing liberals in a sissy slap fight with other liberals – you just want to grab up a bowl of popcorn, pop some frosty brews, and egg them on. The good news is that there’s going to be more of this coming because of the nature of the Democrat coalition – it is less an ideological alliance than a bunch of interest groups united by their shared perception that the GOP is against what is in their respective interests. When their interests collide, which they will necessarily do, then the fun begins.

Look at Washington, where the caucus kept in line by the Scat Francisco dominatrix is falling apart before our eyes. Remember Bart Stupak? No, he’s not some Reno Buick dealer. He’s nobody anymore, and he’s nobody anymore because he listened to Nancy Pelosi a bit over a decade ago and voted for Obamacare even though his congressional district was not down with the sickness. As a result, in 2010, the Republicans took the socialized medicine votes of “moderate” Dems like Bart Stupak and used them as an electoral suppository. And, not to carry the analogy too far, dozens of moderate Democrats like Bart Stupak were expelled from Congress in figuratively Swalwellian/Nadlarian glory. Read the rest at townhall.com.

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