Let Them Buy Electric Cars
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  • The whole load of crap about Global Cooling/Global Warming/Climate Change has been contrived by the New World Order for one main purpose. And that is CONTROL. You see, there must be something that no one country can handle by itself. ALL NATIONS must submit to the New World Order who will SOLVE (the contrived) Climate Change problem, but only if everyone submits to the NWO dictates. Who are the jackasses behind this load of garbage? The usual suspects: Billy Gates, George Soros, Klaus “Anal” Schwab, Zuckerturd etcetera. When you understand that nutty Billy Gates and his pals would like to see the world population reduced from its current 7.9 billion people to about 500 million people, you need to ask yourself if YOU will be one of the sixteen people currently on this planet that THEY will allow to exist. Hmmm. Could it be time to coral those turds and put them on trial for their many, many crimes against conservatives and humanity in general? I say, absolultely.