Kat Cammack to Newsmax TV: Mayorkas ‘Too Scared, Too Cowardly’ to Face Border Agents

Kat Cammack to Newsmax TV: Mayorkas ‘Too Scared, Too Cowardly’ to Face Border Agents

Heartbreaking new images surface from Biden’s border camp (Newsmax TV/”American Agenda”)

By Theodore Bunker    |   Thursday, 15 April 2021 05:18 PM

Rep. Kat Cammack, R-Fla., told Newsmax TV on Thursday that Secretary of Homeland Security Alejandro Mayorkas was ”too scared” and ”too cowardly” to meet with Border Patrol agents face-to-face during his last trip to the Southwest border.

Cammack said on ”American Agenda” that ”as an American citizen, this is outrageous that all this finger pointing is going on. Oh, it’s this person’s responsibility, that person’s responsibility. The American people elected this administration to lead so they need to step up and do just that.”

The congresswoman claimed that Mayorkas ”never left the airport” during his recent trip to Texas, where Fox News reports he met with sheriffs in El Paso and agreed to regular meetings with Sheriff Mark Dannels, who chairs the National Sheriffs Association Border Security Committee. This was the secretary’s third trip to the border since February, according to Fox News. Cammack called Mayorkas ”scared” and ”cowardly” in her interview on Thursday. Read the rest at newsmax.com.

  • Wow, someone in Washington, D.C. who is willing to tell the truth. When Allen West, from Florida at the time, went to Congress and told the truth the RINOs did everything they could to side with the DemocRATS and have him defeated. They were successful and Allen lost when he ran for his second term. Eventually, he moved to Texas.

  • So glad Kat hit the ground running and doesn’t hesitate to speak up.
    She may be the youngest female member ift Congress, but she is really and willing to roll up here sleeves and jump right into the fight.