It’s Time for Americans to Take a Stand

It’s Time for Americans to Take a Stand

In this segment of Saturday’s Unfiltered with Dan Bongino, Dan talks about vaccine mandates and what he refers to as ‘Body Sovereignty.’ Watch:

“Here’s what it’s about. It’s about us and body sovereignty. We built this place. We outnumber them. It’s ours, this is our country. You don’t tell us what to put in our bodies. You either believe in individual liberty and freedom or you don’t. Body sovereignty. You have sovereignty over your own body. It was given to you by God.

Once we forfeit that, it is over; all other arguments are lost. Schools, healthcare, taxes, the Second Amendment, all of it is. Well, if you don’t have sovereignty over your own body nothing else matters. Nothing…”

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  • CV is less deadly than the common flu. The New World Order is using that Covid crap just like they’ve used Global Cooling, Global Warming, now Climate Change to CONTROL US and DESTROY AMERICA.

    Dan, STOP implying that Beijing Biden won the 2020 election. That piece of dog s**t DID NOT WIN ANYTHING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The lefties can take their mandates and stick them up their collectivists asses.