It Was Trump’s Plan…. Waaat???
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  • This is what America got when Chump walked away after WINNING the 2020 election 80 million votes to Potato Head’s 66 million. Great job, Chump…NOT! Apparently, when the Deep State threatened Queen Ivanka, the only “proper” decision for Chump was to soil his panties and scurry back to Mar-a-Lago. He DID NOT conduct a complete forensic audit of the vote that would have proven that he and many other Republicans won. Instead, he spent 2020 demanding a fake vaccine be pushed forward at “warp speed” to “combat” that oh so serious (NOT) Covid FLU. What a schmuck! Does sacrificing the greatest nation in the history of this planet to protect Queen Ivanka make any sense at all? YOU can contact “the great” Trump at: