Insurrection Obsession

Insurrection Obsession

by Kurt Schtlicther

Okay, let’s say out loud what the regime doesn’t want said – there was no insurrection.

At least not in Washington, D.C. Now, in places like Portland and Seattle, there were and are insurrections, actual ongoing occupations of actual territory by actual criminals where the government is expressly told it’s not in charge and to stay out. And, of course, the government tolerates those insurrections. It does so because the Democrats in charge – this nonsense never happens in Florida with DeSantis in charge – perceives the actual insurrectionists as political allies, so they do nothing. Some insurrections, it appears, are more insurrectiony than others.

Despite the rending of garments and gnashing of teeth, the fracas on Capitol Hill was barely a brawl – what if they gave an armed insurrection and nobody showed up with arms? It certainly was not even close in damage, violence, or casualties to the routine BLM/Antifa rioting last year – rioting the Democrats tacitly supported. But these rioters were not allies of the elite, and the elite felt threatened, and so we’re now all supposed to accept – without bursting into laughter – that this was the worst thing in the history of ever. Read the rest at

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  • Peaceful Americans who walked through open doors and kept within roped-off lanes are being investigated by our federal government with OUR TAX DOLLARS. BLM/Antifa loot and burn down buildings and attack innocent people in the streets and…NO PROBLEM.