Importance of the Alachua County School Board Elections on August 23rd.

Importance of the Alachua County School Board Elections on August 23rd.

Conservatives field four strong candidates.

1. This is the most important school board election in recent memory. It will determine the quality of education our children will receive. Four of the five seats are open, and in each district the candidates have extremely different views.

2. The school board election is August 23rd. There is NO chance to vote for the board in the November general election.

3. Florida’s closed primary does not apply to non-partisan races such as school board. NPA’s Independents, Libertarians, etc., vote for the school board in the August election.

4. As an at-large county, voters can vote for EVERY seat regardless of the district in which they live. This means that each person votes four times, once for each district.

5. Please encourage your family, friends and associates to support the following candidates to take back our schools:

District 1: District 2: District 3: District 5:

District 1: Daniel Fisher……
District 2: Mildred Russell..
District 3: Ray Holt…………..
District 5: Kay Abbitt……….

Early voting for the 2022 Primary Election runs from
Saturday, August 13th through Saturday August 20th.
The deadline to register to vote is July 25th.

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  • Promoting conservatives for the local school board is a great idea. I read the bios of all four of these candidates. Kay has an extra word in hers. She needs to review her bio info and correct the mistake. All four bios read like generic palaver. I have no idea what these people really stand for. I vote in Columbia County. If I lived in Alachua County, I would not be motivated to vote for these candidates based on the bios that I read.