How to Fight the Indoctrination of Our Children

How to Fight the Indoctrination of Our Children

by Kasey Dean

The Left isn’t hiding their propaganda any longer, and their main target is our children. Their indoctrination agenda can be found in public schools, libraries, even in cartoons. There are no safe spaces for innocent minds left unless we take a stand against it.

The Indoctrination of Our Children

A school in Scotland has declared that clothes have no gender and push for young boys to come to class wearing skirts and dresses. This has become a trend in Europe since a boy wearing girls’ clothes was expelled from a school in Spain, a more conservative country when it comes to family values and faith. The boy’s parents were encouraged by the school to seek phycological help for the child. read the rest at

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  • WE the taxpayers PAY FOR those communist teachers and professors and the moron administrators who hire them. FIRE THEM ALL, with NO fat government retirement checks, COLAs or next-to free healthcare.