Here’s the Latest Text Message Foul-Up From the Anti-Trump Jan. 6 Committee

Here’s the Latest Text Message Foul-Up From the Anti-Trump Jan. 6 Committee

Source: AP Photo/Manuel Balce Ceneta

by Matt Vespa

I think this is a sign, folks. When a committee is established on a bed of lies, this is what’s going to happen. It’s been a week of disaster for the anti-Trump January 6 committee. It was set up to go after Trump, not to uncover the truth about the riot that occurred last winter. It was not an armed insurrection. It wasn’t a coup. It wasn’t worse than 9/11. It was not Pearl Harbor. Everyone has moved on from this event. No one care. No one. There is a slew of other crises plaguing the nation. Democrats being upset is not a national crisis.

But back to this circus, we have fabricated texts being entered into the congressional record. We have other text messages from Mark Meadows being read that show other Republicans and even members of Trump’s family calling for the president to condemn the rioting. From day one, the GOP was against rioting. It was no different on January 6. Also, Trump addressed the violence in less than a half-hour. He did not dither for 187 minutes, which was the original talking point from this clown car. What’s the latest? Oh, just another Democrat peddling a doctored text message (via Washington Examiner): Read the rest at

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  • Every scumbag involved with that sham January 6th Committee needs to go to prison. However, the RINOs will either support it or do nothing, as usual. If we ever have another free and fair election in this country, at a minimum, all of those mentioned above need to be replaced by conservatives.