Guilford County Superintendent Shut Parents Out Of School Board Meeting

Guilford County Superintendent Shut Parents Out Of School Board Meeting

In Guilford County, North Carolina, the Superintendent of Schools, Dr. Sharon L. Contreras, refuses to allow the public to attend school board meetings according to local activists fighting Critical Race Theory.  Take Back Our Schools founder says Contreras is using emergency powers to shut them out.

WFMY News2 Video

In a video from Thursday, a group of parents yells as the door to the school close, and a school board member scoots inside:

“Let us in!’

A news reporter explains the situation, and Contreras is heard saying :

“The board meetings are not in the purview of the Superintendent. It is in the chair and the vice-chair of the school board.”

The parents’ group disagrees about Contreras’s concern for the district and meets her behavior with scrutiny. Read the rest at

By the way, It may be interesting to note that back in December, 2020 that Dr. Sharon Contreras was on the short list for Biden’s Secretary of Education.

  • Dr. Sharon Contreras needs to be fired…IMMEDIATELY. I’m assuming that her doctorate is in education, which means it’s equivalent to completing MY freshman year of public high school.

  • I’m sure it’s merely a coincidence that Contreras is so well-thought-of by Biden! Just another example of a liberal position that could never stand public scrutiny, so it has to be forced on you! Always remember, “Liberlism – ideas SO good, they’re mandatory!”