George Will: ‘Quarantine’ Republicans ‘Addicted to Furiousness’

George Will: ‘Quarantine’ Republicans ‘Addicted to Furiousness’

And some people used to call this man a conservative.

by Pam Key

MSNBC political commentator and author George Will said Wednesday on “The Beat” that the Republican base needed to be quarantined because they were “addicted to furiousness.”

Melber said, “What has happened to this moderate Republican Party?”

Will said, “Well, it’s one thing to be for limited government. It’s one thing to be as the founders were, for a government of limited delegated and enumerated powers. This, however, is beyond politics. This is clinical psychology we have to consult.” Read the rest at

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  • I stopped listening to that George Will piece of dog crap over twenty years ago.
    He is a bend over Mitch “Obama’s Bitch” RINO. Georgie is yet another arrogant academic
    who never had a real job in his life. Georgie is the scum that Patriot Party members scrape
    of the bottom of their shoes.