Fewer Fossil Fools
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  • I agree.

    I recently bought two books from Amazon.com because they were not available from our Alachua County library (that we pay for with our tax dollars). The two books are, “The Great Global Warming Hoax” by Ken Ring (C. 2017) and “The Politically Incorrect Guide to Climate Change” by Marc Morano (C. 2018). It seems that whenever I try to find a book in the Alachua County Library System that declares that Global Cooling/Warming/Climate Change are hoaxes, I am out of luck. However, if I want a book that touts the lefty line, the books seem to be everywhere. This is just another case of the lefties worming their way into government and using OUR TAX DOLLARS to promote THEIR SICKO LEFTY AGENDA. I sent the top management of the Alachua County Library System letters concerning this a few years ago and got back nothing but denial and B.S. for my efforts. Contact DeSantis, this horseshit has to change. We can’t keep allowing ourselves to be silenced by those two-bit lefty dictators.